Custom Home Theaters

Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events with today’s high quality video and Immersive Audio Experience
in your own home.

Home Automation

Turn your home into a SMART home with voice control and mobile access from everywhere you go.

Outdoor Audio Video

New England summers are short!  Enjoy the nice weather outdoors while it’s here by taking your entertainment outdoors.

Whole house music

Fill your home with your favorite music, even outdoors, from your favorite devices.

Commercial Audio Video

We install audio and video in board rooms, TVs in motels, music and TVs in sports bars and restaurants, sound reinforcement and assisted listening systems in churches and libraries, sound systems in dentists’ & doctors’ offices & more.

Landscape Lighting

We sell premium outdoor lighting equipment that are extremely durable and create breathtaking outdoor environments.

Premium Audio

We have premium audio equipment for audiophiles and music connoisseurs. Come in to our store with your music to listen on our premium systems.

Wireless and Wired Networking

We install both residential and enterprise-grade network systems to support today’s high-bandwidth internet needs.